Who We Are

In the mortgage industry, there are only two kinds of lenders: Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Brokers. If you wonder if that matters, the answer is YES it really does ! 

Houston Capital Mortgage Team offers you the best of both worlds:

  • Stability & control of mortgage banker
  • Selection of pricing & products of mortgage broker

Let us explain further....

Mortgage Bankers operate with financial stability and internal controls, managing your transaction from time of loan application to funding. Funding occurs from their own warehouse lines of credit. As bankers generally offer their product line; they can be less competitive.

Mortgage Brokers offer a variety of different products, enabling them to be more competitive. Yet, brokers retain no control of the lending process from property appraisal, underwriting, approval, closing, to loan funding. Those functions are controlled by their lending source. Their structure is one of middleman, without control of the most important aspects of mortgage lending. 

Since 1989, Houston Capital Mortgage Team has been a successful established Texas correspondent mortgage lender. Operating as a banker with the mindset of a broker brings you the benefits of both worlds. Your mortgage loan transaction is handled by Houston Capital from application to the closing table. Providing the ideal client experience to keep you coming back time and again is our goal, from safeguarding your financial data to automated underwriting that streamlines approval.  With our panel of respected local property appraisers and no AMC'S (national contract appraisal management companies), appraisals are timely, fair and reasonable.  We use a select group of Fortune 500 national companies to service and portfolio our loans. 

Our specialty is personal and professional service from start to finish, a lost art today. Many mortgage lenders are plagued with foreclosure inventory and problem loans, resulting in overly strict qualifying standards. By adhering to prudent lending practices for over 20 years, Houston Capital does not over scrutinizing today's consumer for past mistakes of others. Our focus is good Texas lending, with an outstanding track record of low delinquencies & excellent loan performance.  

When selecting a lender, the right long term partner you can count on is Houston Capital Mortgage Team.