Why Use Pre-Qualification Letters ? 

Successful lending requires teamwork !

What's in it for you, the Realtor?

  • Preparing buyer & seller for successful lending
  • Leverage in contract negotiations
  • Addressing required seller concessions
  • Getting to the closing table
  • Establishing rapport with your lender
  • Setting expectations for payment & price
  • Upfront selection of proper financing


Four simple letter facts:

  1. All letters are not the same. 
  2. Lenders use different letters, language & terms.
  3. The words in every letter tell you a story.
  4. Accept only the State of Texas form !


Texas has excellent promulgated forms for bankers and brokers.

Protect your real estate transactions by requiring the State of Texas letter!

If your lender isn't knowledgeable, send them to:

To see a sample of the letter, click here




Letter Do's & Dont's


  • Present & negotiate offers with Texas letter only.
  • Obtain letters with specific property address & terms. 
  • Use a lender that honors their letters.
  • Read the letter before use.
  • Call lender with questions before use.


  • Present or negotiate offers without letters.
  • Accept other letter versions.
  • Take generic letters without address or terms.
  • Accept dated or aged letters.